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The Bellyachers





Met “Bottoms Up” en “Heavy In My Hands” hebben The Bellyachers twee van de mooiste honky tonk platen van de jongste jaren afgeleverd. Modern en toch met een onmiskenbare hang naar het verleden. Reden genoeg voor ons om vocaliste Sandra Mello even aan het woord te laten in ons e-zine.


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “You’re music is kinda special. Could you try to describe it for us?”

Sandra Mello: “The music of the Bellyachers is an amalgam of all our influences. We are not purists! But country music, especially from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s is our underbelly. Makes us a little vulnerable at times! But… this band has 3 very strong songwriters, all contributing with songs, voice and arrangement ideas.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Where the hell did that band name come from?”

Sandra Mello: “We found our name back in 1997. My mom used to tell me to stop my “bellyaching” when I was a child. I wanted to give her something to cry about, I guess.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are the songs you like best yourself on the new one? And why of course?”

Sandra Mello: “The songs I like best are the ones that are provocative of the spirit. “Light Was So Bright” and “Death Valley” are the two favourites that I wrote. But I also really cherish “You & Me & The Highway”, which Melody Baldwin Baroz wrote and sings lead in. Especially live this song is really full of love.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Do you see any big differences between your previous record and the new one?”

Sandra Mello: “I see one really huge difference. That’s Brian (Mello) playing lead guitar. He really is an amazing player. It lends more grit and atmosphere to the songs.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Are you coming over to Europe any time soon?”

Sandra Mello: “Yes! We want to tour Europe during the summer of 2004. Hope to see you all then.”


Laat vooral niet na om even nader kennis te gaan maken met Sandra en de rest van de Bellyachers op hun webstek!



Otis Gibbs





Otis Gibbs was voor ons één groot mysterie. We waren door “49th & Melancholy”, zijn derde album,

stevig in de ban van zijn muziek geraakt, maar wisten eigenlijk zo goed als niets over de man.

We contacteerden hem derhalve maar met een aantal vragen die ons bezighielden.


Ctrl Alt. Country: “Who exactly is Otis Gibbs? Could you describe yourself in a few words?”

Otis Gibbs: “Singer-songwriter, part-time bard, full-time dirt bag!”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Were you influenced by anything or anyone, when it comes to your music?”
Otis Gibbs: “When I was six years old my Uncle Brisco would babysit me during the day, and
would take me to a bar in
Middletown, Ohio and we would hangout with his
drunk buddies. Uncle Brisco could play the piano like Jerry Lee Lewis and set me on
top of the piano while I sang Hank Williams Sr. Songs. The drunks would give
me money for my singing abilities, and Uncle Brisco would take the money and
get drunk on it! Life has taken some turns since then, but that's pretty much
where it started.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are your expectations for your third album, "49th & Melancholy"?”
Otis Gibbs: “I hope to continue touring and meet some nice folks. Drink root beer, fan the
flames of discontent, and meet pretty girls. I like to call it doing the Lord’s work.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you explain its title to us?”
Otis Gibbs: “I lived in
Indianapolis, IN, USA. While writing songs for this album I lived on
49th Street. It was a neighborhood of artists and musicians. The title of the
album is way of paying tribute to my neighbors.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Wanna tell us a little more about the songs on it?”
Otis Gibbs: “They are all about personal experiences. To me an album is no more than a
time capsule of where I am in a particular moment in my life.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What's your own favorite on it? And why?”
Otis Gibbs: “My favorite changes daily depending on the mood I'm in. I'm not trying to
dodge the question - just answering honestly.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any chance of seeing you in
Europe one of these days?”
Otis Gibbs: “I’m hoping to put together a tour in March of 2004, and if I do, Belgium and
Holland will be at the top of my list. Does anyone have any good suggestions
of where I can find good root beer?”


Meer informatie over Otis Gibbs vind je op de volgende websites:



Amelia White





“Blue Souvenirs” van Amelia White is een intrigerend album, dat voortdurend twijfelt tussen alt. folk, alt. country, rock en pop.

White heeft een boeiende stem, schrijft pakkende songs en lijkt klaar om in alternatieve middens een goed figuur te slaan.

We wisselden alvast even van gedachten met haar.


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you describe what you're doing yourself?”
Amelia White: “I am preaching my gospel of songs from my heart and gut. My 
writings come from what I see and experience in my life. Hoping to enrich and entertain
you with it all.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Tell us something more about your album, “Blue Souvenirs”.
Amelia White: “Blue Souvenirs is a collection about loss and how material things in our
lives become souvenirs for our emotions... It’s got a variety of sounds from 
lush brit-pop to country folk. It’s been called lush-N-twang by more than one reviewer.
I think, it’s got balls too.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What's your personal favorite on it and why?”
Amelia White: “I don’t really have one favorite. I like different ones for different reasons,
and I hope you will also. “Midnight Lightning” is sort of a personal fav, it’s
very different, and it’s the soundtrack of a dream... if that makes sense. I like the
fact that people either love it or hate it - no middle ground.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are your plans for the near future?”
Amelia White: “I plan to tour the UK and maybe your neighborhood too in November of 2003. Come on out!”
“I am also about to start a new record here in Nashville.”
Nieuwsgierig geworden? Bezoek Amelia on line via het volgende adres:



Troy Olsen





Troy Olsen wordt her en der al de nieuwe Dwight Yoakam genoemd. En op basis van zijn debuut “Living In Your World” zou je ’t nog gaan geloven ook.

Een interviewtje!


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you describe yourself to our readers?”
Troy Olsen: “I would say I’m a hardcore honky-tonker. I love the real stuff. It's in my blood.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Living In Your World” is a great album! What’s your own favourite on it?”
Troy Olsen: “I’m very fond of “Who Gave You The Right”. When we recorded it most of Dwight Yoakam's
band was in the room and that was cool.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What will the near future bring?”
Troy Olsen: “I am currently working on a new cd. I live in Nashville and the writing is going great.
This town is full of great writers and good songs if you know where to look.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Europe is dying to see you…”
Troy Olsen: “This summer I will be in Sweden and Norway. Unfortunately my March tour which included
dates in Holland was cancelled.”


Joe Fournier





“Raw Sugar Shed” was een dot van een roots rock album, waarmee de zomer van het jaar wel heel erg vroeg in het land leek. Wij spraken met de Canadese maker ervan: Joe Fournier!


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you describe what you are doing yourself?”

Joe Fournier: “A little country twang, a little bluesy rock, with a side of swamp...”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What music do you listen to yourself?”

Joe Fournier: “Nick Lowe, Los Lobos, John Hiatt, C.C.R., 60's country music and 50's rock and roll, mainly.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on your album "Raw Sugar Shed"?”

Joe Fournier: “Well... they were all written kinda fast and recorded the same way. I had been saving up all these little ideas and found myself with some time to kill, so... I put a CD together. They're all based on stuff going on in my life at the time.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Why did you call it that way?”

Joe Fournier: “Raw Sugar Shed”? It's kind of an intimate thing between my girlfriend and I. Plus, it fit the picture on the cover.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any special plans for the future?”

Joe Fournier: “I'd love to come over to Europe and do some shows. I've had loads of positive response and people have been kind enough to buy my CDs, so it'd be fun to come over and meet everyone. I'm half way through the next disc and hope to have it out by fall. I'll be putting a sample on my website soon.”



Trembling Highburys





The Trembling Highburys verrasten ons enkele weken geleden met de uistekende roots rock plaat “The Moon Is Mine”.

Voor ons reden genoeg om zanger Marco Nicola en de zijnen eens aan de tand te gaan voelen.


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Hoe kwamen jullie in hemelsnaam op die naam?”

M.N.: “Ergens eind 1997 nam ik op aanvraag van een bedrijf 2 nummers op in de studio. Tja, geen band, maar wel opnemen. Twee muzikanten met ervaring hielpen mij met de baspartij en de drumpartij en de opnamen. Eén van deze twee heren was Albert Schierbeek die tot dusver al onze opnamen heeft gemaakt in studio Unit 13 te Haarlem. We hadden wel de nummers, maar geen bandnaam. Ik ben dus een groot fan van George Harrison, en ook van The Traveling Wilburys, dus kwamen we zo aan deze wat vreemde bandnaam. Ik geloof wel, dat toen die naam ontstond ik een aardig slokje bier ophad. In april ‘99 kwamen Ed, Simon en Rob en vormden we een echte band, en nog steeds met als naam "The Trembling Highburys".

Als je overigens de naam gaat vertalen, kom je uit op "de trillende hooggelegen graven" of zoiets. Nou ja, we zien er maar de humor van in?!”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Een Nederlandse band die Americana gaat spelen…? Leg eens uit, hoe kom je daartoe?”

M.N.: “Ikzelf hoor al mijn hele leven niets anders dan op Amerikaanse leest geschoeide muziek. Van huis uit kreeg ik deze stroming om mijn oren. De ietwat traditionele country van o.a. Marty Robbins, Buck Owens, Eddy Arnold, Hank Williams, etc vormde de hoofdmoot. Zelf greep de muziek van The Beatles me vanaf mijn 7de jaar. Daarnaast kreeg ik ook vaak de echte rootsmuziek en alt. country te horen, die mij meer aansprak. Omdat ik vier jaar geleden deze band begon en de liedjes schrijf, waren de andere boys het eens met de stijl en de keuze. Voor Simon en Rob ging er toch een wereld open. Ed is gericht op blues, maar heeft altijd muziek gehad van o.a. Ry Cooder, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, etc. Simon en Rob zijn nogal grote bewonderaars van Steve Earle. En vooral Neil Young gaat er ook heel goed in.

Eigenlijk is de muziekkeuze dus een beetje van mij.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “In enkele nummers horen wij duidelijk John Fogerty terug. Was hij één van jullie invloeden?”

M.N.: “Of John Fogerty tot de invloeden behoort, durf ik niet te zeggen. Wel is er van ieders kant grote bewondering voor deze man en natuurlijk ook voor C.C.R.. Je hoort af en toe zoveel namen voorbijkomen van mensen waar de band wat van weg heeft. Overigens spelen we wel eens een cover van C.C.R. live op het podium, altijd leuk, we kiezen dan meestal een wat onbekender nummer uit.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Wat zijn jullie favoriete nummers op “The Moon Is Mine”?

Rob Meyran (drums):

““Under My Trembling Trees” is mijn favoriet. Als je naar de muziek luistert en je krijgt daar beelden bij, dan is het een goed nummer. Ook de tekst en de sfeer spreken mij aan.”


Simon Bakker (basgitaar)

““Troubles” is mijn favoriet. Het nummer is tijdloos en toch eigentijds en actueel. De verhouding mondharmonica en sitar is een heel mooie en het is gewoon een goede deun met een prima ritme.”


Ed van Ettekoven (mondharmonica / percussie):

“Eigenlijk is “Under My Trembling Trees” ook mijn favoriet, maar omdat Rob deze song al gekozen heeft, kies ik voor “When We Talk”. Er spreekt hoop uit voort en het is gevoelig. De gitaarpartijen en de sfeer doen mij wegdromen.”


Marco Nicola (zang / gitaren / banjo / dobro):

““Little Stars” was tijdens de opnamen van de cd vanaf het begin mijn favoriet. De andere bandleden moesten wennen aan de song. Misschien door de Beatles-achtige deun. Het nummer loopt gewoon lekker door. Overigens heb ik meer dan 1 favoriet hoor.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Wat zijn jullie verwachtingen voor “The Moon Is Mine”?”

M.N.: “Mag je tegenwoordig nog wel verwachtingen hebben? Het is natuurlijk een moeilijke tijd qua muziek- / cd-verkoop. Wij hopen op waardering en respect van mensen voor hetgene wat we doen. Verder hopen we natuurlijk ook op veel lekkere optredens en natuurlijk zouden we het ook fijn vinden als mensen onze cd zouden kopen, dat is logisch. Echte pretenties hebben we niet, gewoon plezier maken en je gevoelens naar buiten brengen in de vorm van je muziek. En het is o zo mooi als mensen echt positief reageren op de cd, dat doet je echt wel wat! En doorgaan met onze muziek doen we ook, want volhouders zijn we.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Zien we jullie binnenkort ook op Belgische podia?”

M.N.: “Er zijn wat contacten in België. Of we binnenkort in België gaan spelen weet ik niet, maar het lijkt ons wel heel gezellig om te doen. Nou het lijkt, we weten het wel zeker. Keep on rocking in the free world!!!”



Amy Rigby





Amy Rigby – regelmatige bezoekers van Ctrl. Alt. Country e-zine weten dat we deze Amerikaanse

spraakwaterval een warm hart toedragen. Haar pittige teksten zijn een lust voor het oor. En als er

zoiets als gerechtigheid bestaat dan raakt ze met haar jongste “Til The Wheels Fall Off” spoedig

wereldwijd bekend. Enkele vragen wou ze daarvoor nog wel snel even beantwoorden…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Who exactly is Amy Rigby?”
Amy Rigby: “I'm a songwriter and performer who tries to combine lyrics about real life
with music that feels better than real life.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any particular influences?”
Amy Rigby: “Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Loretta Lynn, 60's pop, punk rock.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on your new album?”
Amy Rigby: “A lot of the songs are about struggling for love and independence at the
same time. Many were written while driving (though I'd only pick up the guitar
once the car was safely parked). Some were co-written with friends in
Nashville, like Bill Lloyd (Foster & Lloyd) and Bill DeMain (Swan Dive). Some
were recorded in Nashville, a few in Scotland and one in New York.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Why the sudden change of record label?”
Amy Rigby: “My contract with Koch was up. They aren't interested in independent
singer-songwriters. Signature Sounds, my new label, is!”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any special plans for the future?”
Amy Rigby: “More writing and recording, and plenty of touring. Working on a memoir.
Writing a musical! Sewing curtains and learning how to run the lawn mower.”


Kom écht alles over deze interessante verschijning aan de weet op:



Colin Gilmore



Colin Gilmore is de zoon van een van onze all-time muzikale helden, Jimmie Dale Gilmore.

En aangezien het spreekwoord wil, dat de appel niet ver van de boom valt, kon het dan ook niet uitblijven

dat Gilmore junior zijn weg in de muziek zou beginnen zoeken. Het resultaat daarvan is een 4 track cd met

de veelzeggende titel “4 Of No Kind”.

Een interview!


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you try to describe your music for us?”

C.G.: “It's hard for me to really describe my music, but I
have to from several different angles. On one hand,
music to me is the blood in my veins. It's God's
language. If I had my way, every time someone heard
my music, they'd feel the presence of God, even in a
non-religious sense. That's what good music does and
on a good day, that's what mine does. On the other
hand, I would have to describe my music by the
influences I've had. Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, the
Pogues, the Cars, the Clash, Joe Ely, Townes Van
Zandt, even Michael Jackson in his earlier years. Not
that I necessarily sound like these artists, but their
spirit has taken me and shaped my writing.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Is it difficult to have to come out of the shadow
of a famous father?”
C.G.: “It has been difficult to grow up with a famous
father in some ways, but it's also been a blessing.
The problem is this: when a new talent comes along,
they take the people by surprise. They add a new
dimension to people's lives they hadn't thought of
before, and the shock of something new is part of the
appeal. So if someone has heard my dad and hears that
he has a son who's a song-writer, their expectations
may rise and they also might listen to me thinking, in
the back of their minds, "Why would I want to listen
to this? He has no new spirit to awaken in me.  His
dad's already done that." In that case, it's hard to
get people exciting about you. But here's the good
side. My dad and I, just like any other parent and
child, have a unique relationship. What he has given
to me, I will build on, rather than latch on to.
Besides, there's billions of people who've never heard
of my dad or his music and someday, when I've turned
heads towards me, it'll be my pleasure to introduce
them to my dad's music, even though his is so
different from mine. I'm definitely in a different
place and have a different attitude than musicians who
consider their parent's fame a curse.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs
on your debut E.P. “Four Of No Kind”?”
C.G.: ““Sunset” is the ultimate goodbye. In that song I
admitted to myself what I can't admit in everyday
conversation, to myself or others.”
““Winds of Heaven” is a tribute to my hometown,
Lubbock, Texas. Also a tribute to Jesse Taylor's
mother Martha. She played a big part in raising me
and giving me hope. God be with her.”
““152 Nights” is a combination of my hatred of
loneliness and boredom and my love of the night.”
““The You That I Knew” is just a fun song about the
not so fun feeling that you've lost someone who isn't
even gone.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What song comes closest to what your first full
cd will be like? And why?”
C.G.: “I'm not sure which song will best represent my
full-length, but i'll say it will have the soul of
“Sunset” and the energy of “The You That I Knew”.  
Maybe even more.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any chance of seeing you over here soon?”
C.G.: “Absolutely! If I can get the right help in
organizing it, I'll be over there in a heartbeat.
I've been wanting to play there for a while now.”
Bezoek Colin Gilmore on line:





Jackstraw is een groep afkomstig uit Portland, OR. Akoestische bluegrass is hun ding. Al enkele
cd’s lang. Wij hadden een gesprek met gitarist Jon Neufeld naar aanleiding van hun laatste, “Jackstraw”.
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you describe the music of Jackstraw?”
Jackstraw: “Pure bluegrass.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Who were the ones that got you to play music?”
Jackstraw: “The Stanley Brothers, Bill Monroe, the Kentucky Colonels, and 
guys like Red Allen and Frank Wakefield, Jimmy Martin, and some older ones 
not quite bluegrass like Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, etc...”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How do you see your future?” 
Jackstraw: “We’ll keep on touring, writing songs and putting out albums. 
It’s about all you can ask for, and all you need pretty much.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on your album?”
Jackstraw: “Well, a lot of them were written by Darrin Craig, the other guitar player 
in the band. And a few by David Pugh, our mandolin player, and I wrote one on there too.
They are mostly songs written by an individual and brought into the band
and then made into what they are arrangementwise and such.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What song is telling us, how Jackstraw will be sounding in the
Jackstraw: “I don't know if I can peg that down for you, but I’d say that it
probably will just be getting better at what we do more than a drastic change
stylisticly or otherwise. To just keep writing, playing, recording,
touring - that is probably going to shape the sound of the band more than one
single song I'd have to say.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “When will you be playing the Lowlands?”
Jackstraw: “We would love to come over there. We actually were trying to
arrange it for November this last year and things fell through. But a
chance to come over there would be fantastic. I have a lot of respect for the
musicians over there, and when they come over here, it just makes it very
real. Not like some untouchable kind of music that you just hear about
anymore, it is right in front of you. And there is nothing like it.”
Jackstraw heeft een eigen webstek:


Erica Smith





Broos en toch twangy? Het kan! Het levende bewijs daarvoor heet Erica Smith.
Ctrl. Alt. Country nam een interview van haar af.
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you describe your music yourself?”
E.S.: “Tender-loving twang, pop, soul, and jangle.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What was your first really important musical discovery?”
E.S.: “The first album I seriously fell in love with is Judy Collins' "Who Knows
Where the Time Goes". That record is quite rootsy, and the band sparkles.
Her Elektra albums are my all-time favorites.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on your own cd "Friend or Foe"?”
E.S.: “Some I wrote myself, others are trad reworkings. I was worried that I'd be
sent to Folksingers Prison for rearranging some of the songs so radically,
such as the rock version of the sea chantey "Johnny Come Down to Hilo".
But so far, even the folkie purists I know seem to like it.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Are you happy with the response to it so far?”
E.S.: “People are liking it, and I couldn't be happier!”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “We were told, you are going to come over to Europe to tour…”
E.S.: “That’s right! I'm trying to get to Europe by the end of the year.”
Erica Smith laat weten, dat ze on line resideert op:



Marlee MacLeod




Marlee MacLeod is een pittige alt. country tante. Wij laten haar naar aanleiding van haar jongste cd “Like Hollywood”

even aan het woord.


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What musical category does your music belong in?”

M.M.: “I think I'd call it heavily pop-influenced alt. country.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any particular influences?”

M.M.: “Maria McKee is my biggest influence, but I'm really influenced by pretty much everything I hear.  I have

very wide-ranging musical tastes so I end up incorporating a little bit of everything.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “The songs on "Like Hollywood" sound kind of sad…”

M.M.: “They are kind of sad, but not morbidly so. Most of them relate to a break-up, but they're

still mostly upbeat pop songs.  I do that a lot.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How does “Like Hollywood” compare to your previous efforts?”

M.M.: “I think it's the best one thus far. It's a nice mix of pop and country influences.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Has it been living up to your expectations so far?”

M.M.: “Sales-wise, no.  Critic-wise, yes.”


De on line thuishaven van Marlee MacLeod vind je op:


Jamie-Sue Seal





Ah! Jamie-Sue Seal! Enkele weken geleden vertelden we je in onze recensie van haar jongste cd “Fly Away” al, dat ze een stel prima Americana songs op de wereld heeft losgelaten. Nu mag ze er zelf ook even tekst en uitleg bij verstrekken…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you call your music yourself?”

J.S.S.: “Folk Rock. It's really a blend of all of the different styles that I love and grew up with: classic rock, soul / r&b, country, gospel.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any particular influences?”

J.S.S.: “Oh, so many - where do I begin... where do I stop? Bob Seger, CCR, Al Green, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Ashley Cleveland, Buddy & Julie Miller, Gillian Welch, Kasey Chambers... the list goes on and on...”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are your expectations for the new album?”

J.S.S.: “I'd like to begin to get some recognition as a singer-songwriter, and to get more airplay on radio. (I’m currently getting airplay on 36 stations in the United States, and some in Europe.) It would be thrilling for me to have other people record my songs. I'd like for my band and I to become known as an entertaining and capable live band, especially in theatrical music venues as opposed to a bar setting. The IceBreaker Band are the guys that back me up, and they are all exceptional people and musicians!”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs?”

J.S.S.: “Sure. The title track, "Fly Away" was written by my lead guitarist, Greg Jenkinson, and a friend of his, Aaron Haneline. We tweaked the second verse a little bit to fit my style and personality. It has been described as a great road song, and that it is. Greg and I wrote 2 other songs on the album, "Zephyr Wind", and "Drinking The River Dry". "Homeward Bound" and "Crossroads" were written after long stints of listening to Seger, John Fogerty and The Allman Brothers. "Floating" is a tribute to a love lost. "Mustang Summer" is loosely based on real life and times spent with a friend of mine named Joni who drove a mustang. I wrote "Everything Will Be Alright" during the recording of the CD during a very stressful time when my dad was having some health problems. "Midnight Run" and "Secrets" are basic jam songs and "Hold Me" was just sort of a filler. "So Long, I'm Gone" was actually intended to be a slow melancholy song, but my producer, Tim Thompson really envisioned it with a pop and groove feel, which gave it a lot more attitude.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “A lot of artists find it hard to pick their own favourites on their records. Could you pick a couple of them for us?”

J.S.S.: “Oh, gosh, I guess I like all of them for different reasons. I love "Fly Away" - it's just such an amazing carefree song. "Mustang Summer" and "So Long, I'm Gone" are just fun all the way around, and I really like doing all three of these songs live - they just have alot of energy.

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “We’d like to see you in Europe one of these days!” 

J.S.S.: “Tell me when and where!”


Breng Jamie-Sue Seal on line een bezoekje!



Lisa O’Kane





Lisa O’Kane, een independent country succesverhaal! Met haar cd “Am I Too Blue” slaagde ze erin uit te groeien tot de lieveling van heel wat Europese country en alt. country dj’s. Onlangs stond ze nog 6 weken op nummer één in de European Independent Country Chart met “Wall Of Tears”. En nu is er met “Am I Too Blue” een hele fraaie opvolger. Ctrl. Alt. Country had een onderhoud met Lisa.


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Who exactly is Lisa O’Kane?” 
     L.O.K.: “I grew up in Yosemite National Park California,  listening to country music as a child. Now, along with my two young daughters I live in the Los Angeles area. My biggest musical influences include Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and Linda Rondstadt.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Tell us all you think we need to know about “Am I Too Blue”.”

L.O.K.: ““Am I Too Blue” is a compilation of songs that I have always loved to sing with two of my own originals (“Romance and Finance” and “The Valley”) as well as an original by my co-writer Mark Fosson (“Litttle Black Cloud”), which was #1 on the EMS chart last year for three weeks.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What's your own favorite track on the album, and why?”

L.O.K.: “"Like An Old Fashioned Waltz" is definitely my favorite. I heard Sandy Denny's version and then Emmylou's rendition. I've been singing it for years. It's such a visionary piece... you can see them dancing in the song.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Looks like you’re in for a busy summer…”

L.O.K.: “A tour of Switzerland is already in place for June/July this summer (2003), and I am actively speaking with European promoters for subsequent tours for Fall 2003 and 2004. I am also currently finishing songs for my next cd with my co-writer Mark Fosson.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Is there any chance of seeing you in Europe someday soon (specifically in
Holland or in Belgium...), since you're such a hot item on country shows all over Europe?”

L.O.K. (In haar beste Nederlands!): “Ja, Ja, Ja.”


Bezoek Lisa O’Kane on line op:



Brandon Jenkins





Brandon Jenkins is één van Oklahoma’s fijnste songwriters. De man heeft ondertussen vijf cd’s op zijn actief. Onlangs verscheen de laatste uit dat rijtje, “Unmended”. Wij legden ook hem een reeks vragen voor.

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What category does your music fit in?”

B.J.: “I don't know.  Probably Alternative Country.  It's something acoustic, authentic, and heart felt.  Although, I'm not real crazy about classifying music.  To me, there's really only two kinds of music - good or bad.  I hope I fall in the good category.  But I guess if you really had to give it a name it would be country or alternative country.  It's also been called Red Dirt and Texas Country.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Are you influenced in what you do by anything or anyone?”

B.J.: “As a songwriter, my greatest influences are my surroundings.  People and their stories are a part of my music and drive me creatively.  As far as musical influences are concerned, they range from Taj Mahal to Leon Russel to Bob Seger to Johnny Cash to Woody Guthrie and everything in between.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are your expectations for the new album, “Unmended”?”

B.J.: “I think it's a good record, so I have lofty expectations.  I plan on having it released nationally in the United States.  It's also playing in Europe and I certainly plan on touring in support of it.  It's definitely going to be promoted to the radio and country stations.  I expect it to gain some new fans and I hope that it moves people.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on it?”

B.J.: “Well, it's a wide range of subject matter from dealing with love to social issue messages like "Refinery Blues".  There's also fun songs like "Red Dirt, Blue Grass, Green Country, White Trash" and "Austin".  I've been playing a lot in Texas and that is reflected in my songs.  I've also recently moved to Austin, so that's where that song comes from.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Got any particular favorites on it yourself?”

B.J.: “"Refinery Blues", because the song stands on its own.  It's very bare bones and rootsy and I think it really has a Woody Guthrie feel.  "Hear Those Engines Wind" is a favorite just because there's some great steel guitar playing by Jared Tyler in it and it's a motivational song, reflecting back on my experiences from where I started to where I am now.  If I start feeling down, it kind of motivates me to keep going.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any chance of seeing you in Europe again one of these days? (Belgium? Holland?)”

B.J.: “Of course!  For the last two years I've been going over and touring in the Netherlands annually. And I plan to continue doing that and even to expand to Belguim, France, and Italy.  We've had a lot of support from over there.  I have to visit the Netherlands, for obvious reasons, if you're familiar with my music.”

Bezoek Brandon Jenkins on line op:







Met de cd “What Was I Thinkin’” ? trokken ze onlangs onze aandacht in No Depression. Nu ook in Ctrl. Alt. Country: the Deadnecks!

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are the Deadnecks all about?”

Deadnecks: “We’re chasin’ that dream... Livin’ and lovin’, tryin’ to find the answer and wonderin’ how we got this far without getting caught or killed.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about your roots, your influences…?”

Deadnecks: “Of course Karl and I influence each other but we’ve had a lot of inspiration from: HANK WILLIAMS, GUY CLARK, TOWNES VAN ZANDT, JOHN PRINE, GRAM PARSONS, BOB MARLEY, THE CLASH, JOHNNY CASH ,MERLE, WILLIE DIXON, JOE ELY, ROBERT EARL KEEN, DAVID ALLEN COE, KEITH SYKES, ROBERT JOHNSON, CHUCK BERRY, JOHN HARTFORD, CURTIS BURCH, CHRIS KNIGHT, RY COODER, TOM WAITS, WILLIE ,THE STONES, RAY WYLIE HUBBARD and the list goes on and on... We started laughing, because tomorrow our choices may be different. It’s hard to narrow it down, because there is so much great music and there are so many fine songwriters that inspire us each day..

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Tell us the story of the songs on “What Was I Thinkin’” You can do it track by track!”

Deadnecks: 1.”What Was I Thinkin’” --- Been there, done that… 2.”Two Kinds of Highways” --- For anyone who’s gone from one love to another and can’t figure it out. 3. “Anchor Bar” ---.No comment! 4.”Rollin' On”.---.Road song – you can get lost in America! 5.”Ballad of Glen Rogers” --- Karl shaved and got a haircut after seeing Glen on cable t.v.! 6.“Too Close To The Flame” --- Frank Sass and the Deadnecks do the Stones. 7.”You’ll Never Know” --- Cajun romp... Too much crawfish and Dixie beer. 8.”Miss Montana” --- Got kin out there. 9.”Jack, George, Early and Jim” --- We’re from Kentucky and they’re just a few of our close friends!” 10.”Sweet Roxanna” --- Written in Nogales in a cantina on Cinco de Mayo, listening to a mariachi band. 11.”I Don’t Think So” --- Smart ass, sometimes I don’t tell my stories, because even I wouldn’t believe them! 12. “Broke Down” --- The start of the Deadnecks and the only song Karl can remember the words to!

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any special plans for the future?”

Deadnecks: We’ve got a third album in the works. It will be sparse acoustic music, a sound kinda like “Harvest” or “Nebraska”; space and mood… We’re working on it now, choosing the songs. We’ve written a lot of tunes, enough for the third release and half of the songs for the fourth, which will be more Deadnecks. With the band and full sound. We’ll have a cut on a Cravedog Records compilation album to be released in May.(By the way, deadnecks music is now available on line through e music!)

Bezoek Deadnecks on line op het volgende adres:



Eve Selis





Eve Selis –de naam verklapt het al een beetje, ze heeft Belgische roots!-, zeg maar “The Queen of Roadhouse Rock”, wordt een hele grote, kan gewoon niet anders. We zijn dan ook heel erg blij je hier een interview met haar te kunnen aanbieden…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about your music?”
E.S.: “I describe my music as Roadhouse Rock, which is a blend of high-energy,
bluesy rock 'n' roll with rootsy, country flavor and hook-filled pop
melodies. We try to be true to ourselves and tend to disregard labels and
genres as being too misleading. I can rock hard and I can sing a torchy
country ballad. I can belt out a bluesy wail and sing a tender folk song. I
love all that music and I can't tell you one label that really describes it
all accurately so we made one up ourselves. Also, my band is awesome and can
really tear the roof off a place, so we like to think of every venue we play
as a roadhouse.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How does your latest album "Do You Know Me" compare to your previous efforts?
E.S.: “We hooked up with Nashville producer/songwriter Kim Patton-Johnston for this
record. Many of the songs were co-written with Kim and other established
Nashville songwriters and much of it was recorded in Nashville with some
great Nashville players. So there's certainly more of a mainstream flavor to
this record than in the others but I think Kim is brilliant and has musical
sensibilities that reach far beyond the typical Nashville sound. Also my
style is a bit outside the Nashville box and my voice and my songs are
anything but "typical country" so it makes for an interesting sound. We were
conscious of crafting a record that had integrity but still had a
radio-friendly quality and more mainstream appeal. I think Kim was able to
help find that delicate balance.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What's your favorite track on the album and why?”
E.S.: “That's a tough one. I have so many really. I think Kim's song "Do You Know
Me" is the standout track on the CD. It's a perfect song in my mind and it
touches so many people when I sing it live. That's a wonderful feeling to be
able to sing a song that really matters to people and one that changes the
way you think about life. So that one is the title track for that reason, but
I love the swampy vibe of "Tear This Old House Down," and I love the haunting
melody of "In My Dreams" and, of course, Julie Miller's "Broken Things" is
one of the most beautiful songs ever written. In terms of personal joy, the
song "Russellville" has a special place in my heart because it's a true story
and those people have become dear friends to me and my band. That's more than
one but I honestly didn't record a song for the album that I didn't love.
That was very important. I didn't think "Boy I really hate this song but it's
a radio hit so I better do it." I really feel passionately about all the
songs. (Can you tell?)”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are your plans for the near future?”
E.S.: “Right now I'm focusing on grass-roots marketing, touring, internet exposure,
national and international magazine coverage, sponsorships, distribution,
film & TV placement and radio airplay. PHEW!! Basically all the things a
major label would be focusing on to create maximum exposure. The only
difference being I have a small circle of friends and family helping out with
hardly any budget as opposed to a major label with millions of dollars and
perks to throw around. Oh well, that's the indie way. Thanks to folks like
you and hundreds of others around the world, we are slowly but surely getting
the word out and my fan base is growing every day. That's what it's all about
for me. I don't need to be rich and famous, I just want to get my music heard
by as many people as I can. So far the response has been overwhelming. The
new CD is getting great reviews from magazines and listeners alike and I'll
be touring the States this spring and summer and hope to get to Europe later
in the year. I hope to see all of you then!!! Thanks for your support!”








Binnenkort pakt de man uit met zijn nieuwe cd “Country”. Nu alvast een onderhoud met Billy Yates.


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you describe what you are doing yourself?”

B.Y.: “Primarily, I'm having fun with the talent that I have. I've worked really hard in this business and have enjoyed most of it so far. I still think the best is yet to come. I try to write a better song today than I wrote yesterday and I just try to feel what I sing and sing what I feel.

Doing my own record label (M.O.D. Records) has been a blast. I pretty much do what I want and just have a good time with it.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Who were your main influences?”

B.Y.: “I listened to a lot of the greats and a lot more of the lesser known greats, but I've always loved Carl Smith, Ernest Tubb, Webb Pierce, Lefty, Merle, Hank Sr., Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton. I later fell in love with some of the west coast type countryrock bands like Poco, New Riders of the Purple Sage...oh gosh, the list could go on for days!”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on your last album, “If I Could Go Back”?”

B.Y.: “"If I Could Go Back" was a fun record to make. The songs are just some of my favorites. The title cut is a lonesome look back. The first track on it says pretty much the truth about me..."Too Country and Proud of It". I like the entire record and it seems to have gotten great reviews.”



Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How about the future?”

B.Y.: “I'm getting ready to release a brand new CD, called "COUNTRY". It has fourteen songs and it's another piece of work I'm so proud of. It's got everything from honky tonk country to kickin' bluegrass. It's even got a country polka! It'll be released on May 20th, prior to Fan Fair 2003. I'm planning my own booth there this year along with several performances. I'll be playing on June 5th with Shawn Camp, Matt King and Shannon Lawson. I'll be playing with my band at Riverfront Park on Saturday, June 7th at 10 AM, plus several other appearances.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any chance of seeing you in Belgium or Holland one of these days?”

B.Y.: “I hope so. I had plans to travel to Norway and The Netherlands this summer, but those plans were cancelled due to SARS and the war. I appreciate so much the way my music has been accepted abroad. I think it would be great to invest some time there.”



Heather Morgan





“Six Strings and Slow Backroads”. Zegt je niks? Heather Morgan? Ook niet? Gaan we vlug even verhelpen…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are you in the first place, a songwriter or a performing artist…?”

H.M.: “At the moment I am focusing on songwriting and the art of arrangements. Though I have been writing a lot of lyrics I am taking my time with the melodies. It is a challenge. I am also listening to a bunch of bluegrass music and I can feel it permeating my writing style.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “When did you start learning to love music?”

H.M.: “My earliest influences were artists from the 50's and 60's. My mother would play rock n' roll from this era while my little sister and I would help her clean house. I loved the songs, "Leader of the Pack" and "Big Girls Don't Cry." I started writing songs when I was 6 years old and there was definitely evidence of this influence in my style and delivery.”

“I listened to Dolly Parton, Pam Tillis, and Wynonna Judd as I got older and I learned how to really sing the blues in high school so there are some unknown musicians in Dallas, Texas who influenced the bluesy side of my voice because they would let me sing "Red House," by Jimi Hendrix with them.”

“ Since going to college I have found I really love Kelly Willis, Patty Griffin, Kasey Chambers, Emmylou Harris, Townes Van Zandt, Ryan Adams, Norah Jones, Hank Williams Sr., Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Nanci Griffith and The Band. All of these artists are truly artists. They are wonderful writers, distinct singers, and entertainers as well.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “We‘d love to get to know more about the songs on “Six Strings and Slow Backroads”!”

H.M.: “The songs on the album are little parts of my heart and experiences in my life turned into a lyrical biography in some ways. To be more specific for you...the song "Mississippi", which is #2 on the album, was about a football player from Mississippi State University. I met him while I was at home during Christmas Break from college. He was playing in the Cotton Bowl, which is a huge football game played on New Year's Day in Dallas, Texas. He was only in town for a short time, but I was drawn to his southern draw and charm. He ended up not turning out to be the prince charming I thought he was. That is a good segway to "Romeo." "Romeo" was written while I was on holiday in Colorado. It was a freezing night and the place that I was staying at had a large balcony and I decided I wanted to write a song with a theme that would incorporate the word balcony. It really did come together quickly and I think the reason was partially because the theme of being swept away by that perfect man is very romantic and at the same time the time it takes to be found by that perfect man can just drag on and on. Therefore, the song is a cross of the dream of a prince and the thought.."Would you just hurry up already...I am here...say something romantic so we can get this show on the road!" The song "Penny" was originally written in regards to a guy in high school that I had feelings for. We were very close friends, but I always seemed to help him with relationships rather then be in one with him. I was very good in hiding whatever my heart felt. The thought of having this "Penny" was just the idea of wishful thinking, as the song mentions, and being so aware of the way you feel about another person and knowing they haven't the slightest idea that you care for them so much. The thought of having a certain name on the penny was the magnitude of one individual tossing a penny and wishing for one love, over any other, with their one wish.  This seems to be an ongoing theme because "Amazing" was written for this same person. This is #11 on the album and it was recorded in one take so the recording you hear is live basically. This song was written as I imagined what being in love, not just loving someone, might be like. I think the silence would so powerful because you would know the feeling of being loved in return. It is a love letter in a strong way.”

“The song "Hard Working Man," was written about my grandfather, Jack B. Elliott. He worked on the Cotton Belt Line and I must add that his father, my great-great grandfather did as well. All the men in my family do manual labor. My Dad owns a construction company and is so talented in creating buildings and he has come home every night since I was little covered in paint or sheetrock dust and I am so proud of him. His Dad is in his 80's and still bails hay out in East Texas. Therefore, I wrote the song with my grandfather in mind, but I had lots to draw on for inspiration. It amazes me the things that people do for their families out of love and sacrifice and the work ethic of my family members speaks volumes to me. In a way this song says, thank you for all you have done and it has a rootsy country sound to it that is a throw back to my own roots.

“Night By The River” is a song about pure and true love I wrote during college. I think there is such innocence in a simple kiss. I have volunteered with young high school aged kids and I wish they knew how special a kiss was, as a kiss seems to be something that has lost meaning. This song is one that holds on to the purest forms of love and lyrically I think it embodies the sweetness of that feeling.”



Maria McKee




Maria McKee doet na zeven lange jaren eindelijk weer eens van zich spreken met haar nieuwe album “High Dive”. Wij gingen alvast even poolshoogte nemen…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: "High Dive" is your first album in 7 years. Why the long absence?”


M.M.: “Because I left my record label, I put a new band together, I had to write all the songs, and we recorded the album at home. Then we needed to figure

out how we were going to release it since we didn’t have a label.  And I fell in love and got married.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you compare "High Dive" to its predecessors for us?”

M.M.: “I think that it’s definitely following on where “Life Is Sweet” left off in its complexity and theatricality. But it embraces some of my past in that there are also traditional influences on this album that were not on “Life Is Sweet”.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How was working with your husband Jim Akin? Did his presence weigh heavily on the final result?”

M.M.: “Jim is a genius. He produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the record, as well as played several of the instruments.  What more can I say?”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “The album was released on your own new label, Viewfinder Records. Are you planning to release records by others too?”

M.M.: “We intend to keep it in the family as much as possible.  Maybe we will release albums by Jim or our guitar player Jerry Andrews. But if artists come along who truly inspire me I might be inclined to work with them on the label.”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “You'll be in Belgium soon for a concert in Gent. What can your fans expect of it?”

M.M.: “I’ve played Gent before and I think it’s a beautiful town.  I think that there will be something for all my fans at the shows. We will perform songs from my entire career and every album.”



Reto Burrell




Reto Burrell staat voor Zwitserse precisie. En da’s een eigenschap die je niet meteen in deze kolommen verwacht. De man heeft echter net met “Shaking Off Monkeys” ook een uitstekende tweede cd afgeleverd. En dan ben je hier natuurlijk wel welkom! Een babbel!


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Reto Burrell – File under…?”

R.B.: “It's always hard for an artist to describe his own music. Especially when
you write off the heart and don't use your brain at all. But hey, if you ask
me, I would file it under Pop/Rock. It's kinda like Sheryl Crow or The
Wallflowers. What would you file them under?”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Are you influenced by anything or anyone in particular?”

R.B.: “My major influence is life itself. Music is my filter of life. Many times I
write songs without knowing what I'm trying to say. After recording them and
playing them live, I kinda start digging their meaning. I know this might
sound weird, but it's kinda cool.
Another personal influence is Wayne Hancock. Not just because of his music
(it's very different to mine), but it's his honesty. He's not trying to be
someone else. He's just doing what he has to do. For me, he's the real deal.
It don't matter what kind of music you're playing. Just be yourself and
believe in what you're doing. Don't die as a copy. That's too easy!”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are you aiming at with your songs?”

R.B.: “To reach as many people as I can. We play a lot of concerts and won't settle
down. I don't need to have great expectations. And making a lot of money
never was an issue and will never influence me in what I'm doing. I just hope
to be here for the long haul and write hundreds of songs and record many

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about the songs on “Shaking Off Monkeys”?

R.B.: “I like to hear, that when people listen to my songs and read my lyrics, they
get inspired by it to paint their own picture. But mostly I kinda like to
write songs about self-confidence. For me, it's very important to sing about
hope as well. Hope is what keeps us alive. I also like to write about the
different ways of life. Cause that's were the stories are, man's the
going, not the getting there!”

Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What are your own favourites on the album? And why?”

R.B.: “My favourite song is "Mr. Sorry". I wrote these lines in a happy mood. But
now, when I'm singing it, I kinda feel desperate in a nice way. It feels
like fooling myself and I kinda like that.
My other favourite tune is "Simple Things". This song took me over two years
to write. I never felt satisfied with it, until now. It was a hard piece of
work on that one, but now it sounds like I've written it in 10 minutes. Just
the way it has to be. Sometimes you have to let things go their own way,
without trying to bend 'em how you want them to be. Well, that's what I
learned about it.”



Edie Carey




Edie Carey is één van de pittigste singer-songwriters die we de jongste jaren leerden kennen. Voorlopig nog geen naambekendheid op het Europese vasteland, maar dat lijkt nog slechts een kwestie van tijd…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Tell us all we need to know about Edie Carey!”
E.C.: “That is a very good question, and I am terrible at defining or describing myself to
other people... but I will give it a shot: confessional/urban-folk/alt-country pop.
Does that leave the doors open wide enough??? He???”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Who were your major influences?”
E.C.: “O, there are so many of them: Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin, Jonatha Brooke, Ani
DiFranco, Missy Elliott...I could go on and on!”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Your last record is a different story, isn’t it?”
E.C.: “My last official record was my live CD (entitled "Come Close") - and it's a
combination of my favorite songs off my first two record plus three new
ones. It's hard to sum up the songs succinctly, but for the most part, they are
pretty autobiographical. They talk of relationships mostly -romantic and not
romantic! I was really happy to make this record, since I never felt I was able
to capture my live stage performance feel in my two previous records. My
records and my live performance are two very different animals. It was great to
be able to put the other side of me out there.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Has it been living up to your expectations so far?”
E.C.: “Yes, definitely. I feel like I have had more immediate response to the live one
than perhaps I have had for the other two studio albums.I have been really
pleasantly surprised.”
Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Any chance of seeing you in Belgium or Holland one of these days?”
E.C.: “I hope so! We have been flirting with the idea of a tour in Italy, and we just
began touring the UK. I hope Belgium and Holland aren't far behind!”



Tammy Faye Starlite and the Angels of Mercy




Naar aanleiding van haar tweede cd “Used Country Female” legde Ctrl. Alt. Country de flamboyante Tammy Faye Starlite enkele vragen voor. Om de pret niet te bederven door onvertaalbare tekstfragmenten toch te willen vertalen en zo de angel uit enkele pittige uitspraken te verwijderen, is hier de originele Engelse uitvoering…


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “How would you describe what you're doing yourself?”


T.F.S.: “Just spreading the word and my wings and holes in His holy name, darlin' !

Opening my orifices in orisons rhapsodic.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Tell us something more about "Used Country Female". Like how does it compare to your last album, "On My Knees"?”


T.F.S.: “It's a bit more rock & roll - with a different band – guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Mark Spencer (Kelly Willis, Lisa Loeb, Jay Farrar) is all over it (he's a very able and flexible man), and on drums we have Kenny Coomer (Wilco, Swag, Uncle Tupelo) - what a honey! - and the incredible Eric Roscoe Ambel was at the helm again. Three songs are co-written with Mike Daly (Whiskeytown), and one song features Richard Lloyd (Television) on guitar - lots of men, lots of guitars, rock, sex, orgasms, gospel, bluegrass, tears, adultery, Jesus, menstruation, all in a rush of 12 apostolic joyous songs. No spoken bits, as on the previous cd - but more music, more rushes of sugary rapture.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “What's your own favorite track on the album?”


T.F.S.: “Oh my - that's a hard one (I do like it hard, though) - I may have to say "Highway 69" - it's the most like Lynyrd Skynyrd. Just a full-on Southern-rock assault (with the emphasis on the prefix).”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Could you tell us a little more about your plans for the future?”


T.F.S.: “We'll be playing in Los Angeles in later March - I do love the golden West Coast - and, barring global disaster at the hands of our moronic President, we'll be travelling the country (emphasis on the prefix), and receiving all who want to come. And folks can feel free to come anywhere.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Is there any chance of seeing you in Europe someday soon? Specifically in Holland or in Belgium...?”


T.F.S.: “Oh baby - I hope so ! I do love tulips - though I guess I have four ! And I am an avid fan of Hercule Poirot - I'd love to meet him !

Truly, it would be a dream to perform in Europe. If y'all will have me. In any way, sugar!”



Mocht je interesse gewekt zijn, bezoek dit schatje dan op:







Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Wie zijn jullie eigenlijk precies, vertel eens...”


Yearlings: “Laten we beginnen met drummer Léon Geuyen en zanger / gitarist Olaf Koeneman:

ze richtten de band op als een off-spin van Slurf, met Niels Goudswaard, de

zanger. Herman Gaaff zag een briefje op het prikbord van zijn eigen winkel:

'bassist gevraagd voor countryband'. Bertram Mourits sprak een keer met

Olaf over muziek (nadat ze jaren op dezelfde plek hadden gewoond) en René van

Barneveld (ex-Urban Dance Squad)volgde een jaar later, na een optreden in Tivoli.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Waar hebben jullie de naam Yearlings vandaan?”


Yearlings: “Op die vraag zijn meerdere antwoorden mogelijk. De term yearling wordt b.v. gebruikt voor eenjarig vee. Het is gewoon een prachtig woord

vanop het Amerikaanse platteland, dat de juiste jonge uitstraling heeft.

'The Yearling' was bovendien ook een bluegrass traditional uit de jaren 20, die door velen werd

gecoverd - als we wortels zoeken komen we daar terecht.

En dan is er nog 'Hell Among The Yearlings', die fabelachtig mooie plaat van Gillian Welch,

 een liedjesschrijfster / zangeres waar de meesten van ons wel wat mee hebben.”



Ctrl. Alt. Country: “ Hoe valt het als Nederlandse band mee om americana te maken? Hoe zijn de reacties?”


Yearlings: “Die zijn zo goed dat het steeds lastiger valt de rol van underdog te

spelen. Americana speelt geen rol van betekenis in Nederland, maar er is wel een

gezellige niche voor, waar we het uitstekend naar onze zin hebben. We krijgen veel

enthousiaste reacties, zowel op onze plaat, als op de optredens.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Hoe verliepen de opnames van jullie cd?”


Yearlings: “We hebben alles geheel in eigen beheer gedaan. We zijn een paar weken

(verspreid over een periode van maanden overigens) de studio ingedoken

onder de bezielende leiding (zoals dat heet) van Wouter Planteijdt. In die studio

hebben we onze weg gevonden, het materiaal opgenomen zoals we wilden, en met

het eindresultaat zijn we tevreden de boer op gegaan.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Mogen we jullie binnenkort ook in België verwachten?”


Yearlings: “Voor zover ik weet zou de plaat al bij jullie verkrijgbaar moeten zijn. Mocht iemand

in België ons levend willen horen, dan zullen we dan ook met groot enthousiasme op weg

gaan. Graag dus!”



Je kan de Yearlings wat beter leren kennen op het onderstaande webadres:



Accident Clearinghouse




Accident Clearinghouse is een 4-koppig gezelschap (Al doet de foto hierboven anders vermoeden!) uit Champlin, MN, dat country & western muziek brengt, maar dan wel vanuit een heel erg aparte invalshoek. Kernleden van de groep zijn Quillan Roe (leadvocalen en ritmegitaar), Mike Brady (elektrische gitaar, banjo, mandoline, vocalen), Jeff Tranberry (staande bas) en Raynaldo Moon (washboard, sand blocks, kokosnoten, juice-harp en achtergrondvocalen).

Ze krijgen wel regelmatig versterking van een aantal wat ze zelf deeltijdse leden noemen: Rev. Matt Marohl (pedal steel, gitaar), Prof. Kevin Riach (drums) en Rufus Moon (washboard en vocalen).

Een korte blik op hun levensloop leert ons meteen, dat we hier goed zitten. De heren traden in het verleden immers al op met tal van gerenomeerde collega’s als BR549, de Derailers, Big Sandy, Wayne Hancock, de Hollisters, de Carpetbaggers en Charlie Louvin. Een indrukwekkende greep uit een nog indrukwekkendere lijst…

Met “Full Moon Night” zijn ze ondertussen al aan hun 7de cd toe. (Als je tenminste hun “Elvis Tribute E.P.” meerekent!) Hoogste tijd vonden wij om de heren wat beter te leren kennen! We vonden Quillan, Mike en Jeff bereid om het met ons even over Accident Clearinghouse te hebben.



Ctrl. Alt. Country: “De muziek van AC valt eigenlijk niet zo gemakkelijk te omschrijven. Kan je ’t pure country noemen?”


Quillan: “Ik vind AC eigenlijk een roots of folk band. Wij putten uit een enorme waaier aan traditionele bronnen en stijlen. We luisteren ook allemaal heel veel naar actuele muziek. Onze eerste groep samen, voor AC, was een hardcore bandje dat Mike en ik opstartten. Later zou AC daar uit voortvloeien: we wilden zo creatief en zo kwaad zijn als Fugazi of the Minutemen, maar dan wel met traditionele instrumenten!”

Mike: “Als mensen ons vragen, wat we nu precies spelen, antwoord ik steeds country-folk. Maar eigenlijk is het zo, dat ik er moeilijkheden mee heb om een precieze omschrijving te geven van wat we doen. Doorheen de jaren hebben we een hele evolutie doorgemaakt en heel wat ontleend aan verschillende muzikanten, maar we zijn toch altijd blijven proberen om zo origineel mogelijk te klinken.”

Jeff: “Ik noem het eerst en vooral akoestische muziek. Interessant trouwens om te zien, hoe popmuziek stilaan weer akoestische instrumenten toelaat, van de populaire “O, Brother Where Art Thou?” soundtrack tot de Dixie Chicks tot Norah Jones. Ik heb er bijvoorbeeld onlangs ook enorm van genoten om zoveel staande bassen on stage te zien tijdens de uitreiking van de Grammy’s. Vanuit die akoestische invalshoek opererend trachten we zoveel mogelijk invloeden te vermengen met onze eigen AC stijl. Voorts ga ik er vanuit, dat we de voorkeur aan kortere folk-, country- en popdeuntjes geven, omdat we eigenlijk geen van allen echt uitstekende muzikanten zijn. Wat niet wil zeggen, dat we ook niet een paar wat langere songs hebben, maar het merendeel van onze nummers laat zich toch klokken rond de 3 minuten.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Wij vonden van “Written In Rope”, de voorganger van jullie nieuwe plaat, dat die heel wat volwassener klonk dan alles wat er aan voorafging. Hoe zit het met “Full Moon Night”?


Quillan: “De songs voor “Full Moon Night” schreven we op een moment, waarop we het allemaal wat moeilijker hadden. Mijn verloofde liet me in de steek. Jeffs vader overleed. Matts vader eveneens. En de vriendin van Mike ging twee staten verder studeren. Heel wat verdriet om te verwerken, zware tijden dus. Waar het bij “By Blood and Marriage” (hun vijfde album) nog allemaal draaide om plezier, staat “Full Moon Night” voor omgaan met heel volwassen gevoelens en situaties. Het feit dat dat ons allemaal vrijwel op hetzelfde moment overkwam, heeft ons ook op een heel andere manier samengebracht, anders dan we elkaar eerder kenden. “Full Moon Night” is dan ook mijn favoriete AC-plaat sinds onze eersteling, “Saginaw Sweetheart”.

Mike: “Het klinkt natuurlijk ook meer volwassen, omdat we ondertussen ook echt wat ouder werden en het instrumentaal allemaal wat naakter hebben gehouden. De plaat bleef daarenboven twee jaar half afgewerkt liggen voor ze uiteindelijk werd afgemaakt. We hadden dus gelegenheid genoeg om er van op een afstand naar te kijken en de plaat op een geheel nieuwe manier te gaan appreciëren.”

Jeff: “Ik denk inderdaad ook, dat je het een meer volwassen plaat mag noemen. “Full Moon Night” is nu niet direct wat je noemt een feestplaat, maar ik vind de songs toch nog heel erg catchy klinken. Ik hoop, dat mensen zich in onze muziek kunnen vinden, ongeacht hun leeftijd. Da’s altijd de ultieme test voor mij: kunnen zowel onze vrienden als onze ouders genieten van onze muziek? En het lijkt erop, dat zoiets inderdaad kan. Onze fans zijn echt een bont allegaartje en dat vind ik eigenlijk prachtig.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Hebben jullie zelf een voorkeur voor bepaalde songs op de plaat?”

Quillan: “Het door Mike geschreven nummer “Scary Slumber” is geweldig. En de song “All for Show” van een andere heel erg goede band uit de buurt Smattering is ook heel erg knap. Die twee nummers zijn puur gevoel, pure emotie. Ze breken bovendien met een meer traditionele vorm, zonder daarbij hun roots te verliezen. Ze hebben beide heel wat van ons gevergd, maar ze zijn er dan ook heel erg goed uitgekomen. Mijn eigen nummer “The Prize” is een goede opsomming van al mijn gevoelens op dat moment. Mijn verloofde kwam een week na onze breuk al opdagen met een ander en zat op de eerste rij, terwijl ik stond te spelen met de band. Dat was echt heel erg pijnlijk! Ik ben toen naar huis gegaan en heb dadelijk het nummer geschreven.”

Mike: “De Smattering cover, “All for Show”, is heel tof. Maar de rest van het materiaal ook. Dit is eigenlijk onze eerste plaat, waar geen nummer op staat waar ik het niet zo voor heb.”

Jeff: “Ik houd ook van het hele album. Maar ik heb toch een boontje voor “The Last Great Saturday”.”


Ctrl. Alt. Country: “Bepaalde toekomstplannen?”


Quillan: “Een paar jaar geleden hadden we last van een burn out gevoel door het constant op tournee zijn en optreden. We hebben dus besloten, om wat korter bij huis te blijven en minder gigs te doen. Het resultaat daarvan is dat het weer plezier doet om op te treden, dat het niet langer zomaar avondvulling meer is, met zomaar een cheque aan het einde ervan. Als je van iets waarvan je houdt je beroep maakt, moet je heel erg voorzichtig zijn dat het niet ook een job wordt, en dat je vergeet waarom je er ooit mee begonnen bent. Dat overkwam ons namelijk.”

Mike: “We moeten een manier zien te vinden om het aan de mensen duidelijk te maken dat we er niet langer gebroken bij lopen en dat we er een voor ons licht en plezant schema op nahouden. We moeten er ook eens werk van maken een album af te werken, dat nu al goed 4 jaar half afgewerkt ligt te wachten.”

Jeff: “ Wel, ik denk niet, dat we ooit zullen ophouden met onze muziek. We zijn wat minder beginnen op te treden, maar het blijft toch nog altijd een beetje een droom om van toeren en muziek maken alleen te kunnen gaan leven.”



Ten slotte gaven de jongens ook nog mee, graag eens naar Europa te willen afzakken voor een tournee. Als iemand zich geroepen voelt om hen dit mogelijk te maken, dan kan hij daarvoor altijd op het onderstaande adres terecht.